Karrie Borski

Staff Department

After serving the St. Vrain Valley Schools as both an assistant principal and principal for 10 years, I am enthusiastic to start a new year as the Timberline PK-8 Principal. A few years ago began the process to construct one of St. Vrain's two public K-8 schools with community meetings in the fall of 2011. Since then, in partnership with the community and district, we have enjoyed numurous successes as a premier STEM school in the state of Colorado and beyond.  I eagerly welcome you to see and share our successes as well as join our Timberline PK8 vision and mission:

Vision: An innovative community committed to academic excellence.

Mission: Learning with the end in mind.

The PK8 teams collaborated with district administration to develop our PK-8 District Mission highlighting our unique features. The Timberline PK-8 model supports high student achievement, multiple learning opportunities, development of student relationships, fewer grade transitions, academic collaboration, mentoring experiences across grade levels, and family involvement.

In December of 2012, St. Vrain Valley School District was selected as a Race to the Top (RTTT) recipient and granted $16,600,000 over four years. These funds will support the implementation of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focus in the Skyline High School feeder system. Timberline PK8 will align with our feeder high school and offer an integrated STEM focus throughout the PK8 grades, in addition to access to newly constructed STEM labs. The STEM emphasis highlights the design thinking process and the importance of project based learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making while developing creativity and innovation.

Before working as an administrator for the St. Vrain Valley Schools, I taught middle and high school language arts for nine years in Arizona and Colorado, including English Language Leaners supporting Navajo and Hopi students. I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1992 and earned my Master's Degree in School Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2005. My three children are products of a PK8 school, and as a parent, I directly experienced the benefits of this model. Furthermore, the local high school STEM emphasis is preparing my children for the 21st century and the skills needed to be successful in college and their careers. My oldest son is focusing on a degree in mechanical engineering and my youngest enjoys the sciences in the field of biology. My middle child, just like her mother, wants to be a teacher.

Welcome to Timberline PK8 where we strive to achieve academic excellence by design.

Best Regards,

Karrie Borski