Cafecito Timberline PK8

Cafecito Timberline is a Latino Parent Involvement meeting in our school open to all families and members of the Timberline Community.  We meet monthly in the Timberline library with coffee and morning food to collaborate and share information, new topics,and learning opportunities for our parents.  Many of the Cafecito topics include attendance, grades, events, activities, important news from our school and community, and many more agenda items created by Cafecito for Cafecito and our Timberline community. We also invite agencies from our community to connect with our parents.  Recently Longmont YMCA attended and shared many programs and opportunities for our students and families. Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 18th from 8:30am-9:30am. In the Timberline library. One of the many topics that we will be discussing at our next meeting is communicating with our school counselors for academic plans and programs.  Counselors do much more work for our students outside the typical counselor preconceived role. This and much more will be shared with our Cafecito group. Please feel free to invite any other parents to join and attend to our Cafecitos. All are welcome! For more specific information about our Cafecitos or to suggest agenda and conversation topics, please contact Maria Aldaba at Timberline PK8 or 303-772-7900.