Timberline’s VEX IQ Tournament a Success

Life is such a great learning experience.  Just a few weeks ago, four teams from Timberline’s VEX IQ Program competed at a tournament hosted at Westview Middle School.  This tournament was the first for eleven of the fourteen fourth and fifth grade students, and their sponsor.  We learned how to better prepare, what supplies to bring, and what further reiterations to implement on the robots.

Our teams exemplified Timberline values through their perseverance, sportsmanship, and respect.  We had two robots tumble from table tops and the teams picked them up and determinedly repaired the damage.  Down two teammates, the W.A.T.T.W. (We Are The Timberline Wolves) team spent the entire day reattaching a severed claw and are working on plans for a redesign to fix the problem.  The best thing about the VEX robotics philosophy is that kids are solving problems on their own and the primary role of the adults is to get out of the way of students’ thinking.