Timberline PK8 students share kindness with others in anxious times

In the wake of tumultuous times across our country and locally in Colorado, six students and a counselor at Timberline PK8 participated in an act of kindness to spread positivity on 4/20/2018.  With teachers planning on rallying at the capital the following Friday, which would close schools to students, this group of middle schoolers felt the need to share some kindness towards others as our country shared more tempestuous displays this past month. Lockers throughout the middle school side of school were covered in bright sticky notes with inspirational words. As Columbine High School requested that the community celebrate a day of service to remember the 12 students and a teacher who were lost 19 years ago, this group of students capitalized on spreading the positive tradition. Later that day, after students were able to read and react to the kind sentiments, other kids echoed the act and made sure teachers' doors were adorned with words of encouragement as well.  By the day's end custodians, kitchen staff, and school administrators joined the ranks and their doors too were "tagged" with sticky notes containing positive and uplifting messages.  One student told her counselor during this day that, "It made me feel like a good person".  She continued that hopefully others would share that feeling, a feeling that is indeed most important.