Timberline PK-8 School

As an integrated STEM focused school, Timberline PK8 is proud to offer students an innovative educational experience balanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of music programs, visual arts, and physical education classes as well as STEM focused courses.


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An innovative community committed to academic excellence.

STEM Focus

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Focus School with Robotics Teams qualifying for Nationals and 50% of 8th grade student applicants accepted into Skyline High School’s P-TECH program.

Academic Collaboration

PK-8 school environment nurtures strong connections in which students, parents, staff and community collectively contribute to the success of each student. Teachers collaborate to plan an integrated curriculum that connects learning across a wider range of disciplines and/or grade levels.

Student Achievement

A PK-8 school has structures in place to provide learning environments to support high levels of student achievement. Students are able to focus on learning due to their familiarity with staff, rules, and routines. Parent involvement remains high through this relationship/structure.

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Kerin A. McClure

Kerin McClure


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Timberline PK-8