ICAP journey empowers students and their families


Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and post-secondary opportunities.

It is a transformative plan that spans the lives of students from middle high school years through high school while continuing into adulthood.

Rethinking Assessment at Timberline

In Mr. Thesenga's 8th grade physics class, students experienced a new way of being assessed. Instead of walking in and being handed a paper and pencil or a computer to log into, they took their seats at independent lab stations. Each station had every tool and material they had used throughout their unit on density. Students were then given a task to complete, which only required some of the tools and materials. The performance task truly showed whether or not students had mastered the concepts addressed during their regular science lab sessions.

8th graders Present at Colorado Department of Education ICAP Summit

Timberline 7th and 8th graders Accepted into CU Pre-collegiate Program

STEM Student Leadership Team

Timberline's STEM Student Leadership Team had its first meeting on November 6. The team consists of 2 representatives from each grade level in 3rd through 8th grades. During the meeting, the students came up with working norms for the group, defined what STEM means at Timberline PK-8