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Current Enrollment: 758

Vision Statement
An innovative community committed to academic excellence.

Mission Statement
Learning with the end in mind.

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Blue & Green

Welcome to Timberline

As an integrated STEM focused school, Timberline PK8 is proud to offer students an innovative educational experience balanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of music programs, visual arts, and physical education classes as well as STEM focused courses. Attending a PK-8 school allows our staff to build and maintain strong relationships with our students and families over the course of nine years, in addition to providing smooth transitions from elementary to middle school. The structure of our PK-8 enhances collaboration and articulation within and across grade levels as teachers are able to integrate curriculum connecting learning across a wider range of disciplines and ages.

PK-8 Philosophy

At Timberline, we are committed to these unique features of a PK-8 stated in our philosophy: A Preschool/Kindergarten – Eighth (PK-8) school in SVVSD ensures a high quality education for all. This is accomplished, in part, by offering a seamless transition from preschool/kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as, building long-term relationships with students and families. School district PK-8 educational specifications provide for both age-appropriate learning, as well as supervised opportunities for learning across grade levels.

A PK-8 school offers a continuum of curriculum and professional development opportunities. The unique features of a PK-8 school include:

  • Student Achievement – A PK-8 school has structures in place to provide learning environments to support high levels of student achievement. Students are able to focus on learning due to their familiarity with staff, rules, and routines. Parent involvement remains high through this relationship/structure.
  • Learning Opportunities – A PK-8 school extends multiple opportunities to offer a variety of core classes, electives, advanced and intervention classes. This supports individual learning, flexible grouping and differentiation to meet the needs of all students.
  • Student/Teacher Relationships – A PK-8 school serves as the bridge between social/emotional health and academic achievement; therefore, supporting the development of the whole child. Students, teachers, staff, and families are likely to build and maintain strong relationships over the course of nine years.
  • Fewer Grade Transitions – A PK-8 school serves as a nurturing and respectful place that shares a common purpose and fosters positive relationships. There is a smoother transition from elementary to middle school without having to learn a new building layout, along with new practices and procedures.
  • Academic Collaboration – A PK-8 school environment nurtures strong connections in which students, parents, staff and community collectively contribute to the success of each student. The structure of a PK-8 school enhances teacher collaboration and articulation within and across grade levels. Teachers collaborate to plan an integrated curriculum that connects learning across a wider range of disciplines and/or grade levels.
  • Modeling and Mentoring – A PK-8 structure has opportunities for elementary and middle school-aged students to interact and engage in experiences between the different age groups. These strategic learning opportunities foster leadership development and provide positive role models.
  • Family Involvement – In a PK-8 school, parents are comfortable with the school and its staff because younger siblings/family members enroll in the same building. Parents and community members stay involved in the school and feel welcomed because of the relationships formed. Members of the community are valued for their contributions to the students’ well-being and achievement.

School Leadership

Recent News

Take a look at some of our recent news.

May 20, 2024

Timberline PK-8’s Preschool Program Builds Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Timberline’s preschool program is dedicated to preparing students for success beyond kindergarten, integrating academic and social-emotional learning to ignite their curiosity. Through hands-on exploration, students develop foundational skills in literacy, math, science, and social-emotional development. Jeslyn Reckinger’s journey to becoming a preschool teacher has been fulfilling and inspiring. “Every day, I am reminded of the […]

May 16, 2024

2024 St. Vrain 4.0+ Grads Around the World

We are preparing our students for their future by giving them a strong competitive advantage and cultivating a drive for learning and continued growth.  See where our 4.0+ graduates are attending college in the fall. APEX Homeschool ProgramGenevieve CarterSedona ParsonsSarah RingeonGarrett SchmokerIan Wicht Erie High SchoolLauren AdamsBrianna AdamsMaya BallMichaelis BarelaMaritza BarriosAshlie BellowsTeagan BischoffDawson BlileyMaria BogdanJacob […]

April 30, 2024

Career Elevation and Technology Center’s Annual Plant Sale Returns for 2024

Join us in supporting our Agricultural Sciences program at the Career Elevation and Technology Center’s annual plant sale. This event, a beloved community tradition and a culmination of the year-long efforts of St. Vrain’s agriscience students, showcases the program’s focus on providing students with hands-on experience and leadership development in agricultural careers. Students have cultivated […]

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