Academic Overview

As an integrated STEM-focus school, Timberline PK-8 is proud to offer students an innovative and rigorous educational experience enhanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of STEM, music, visual arts, and physical education courses. The PK-8 environment allows staff to build and maintain strong relationships with students and families in addition to providing smooth transitions from elementary to middle school. The structure of a PK-8 school enhances collaboration within and across grade levels as teachers are able to integrate curriculum, connecting learning across a wider range of disciplines and ages.

Academic Highlights

  • Timberline offers advanced sections in all core content areas, preparing all students for high school success
  • Students have access to advanced core content options for every grade level including Algebra I and Geometry  
  • Strong partnership with Skyline High School that supports a cohesive transition to high school
  • As an integrated STEM focus school, Timberline PK-8 offers an innovative educational experience balanced by opportunities to participate in a variety of music programs, visual arts, and physical education classes
  • Timberline utilizes the 7 Mindsets and In-Focus curriculum to foster social and emotional learning for all students 
  • Timberline provides opportunities in leadership, mentorship, empowerment, and voice
  • Students attend an advisory program that allows them to plan and prepare for secondary opportunities, connect with teachers daily, and prepare an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) 
  • Middle school students interact and engage in experiences within elementary classrooms; these strategic learning opportunities foster leadership development, provide positive role models, and strengthen 21st-century skills 
  • Committed to family involvement, the PK-8 school model offers multiple opportunities to build parent partnerships over the course of ten years while students attend from preschool to eighth grade
Timberline PK-8