Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM)

STEM Focus

STEM Education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. We transform teaching and learning by providing students with engaging, real-world learning experiences to emphasize connections between school, community and global society (SVVSD).

At Timberline PK-8, we believe in STEM and inquiry-based learning. All students will build and apply skills in science, technology, engineering and math. In K-5 grades we integrate STEM into the student’s homeroom classes and they also attend a STEM Science class every day.


In 6th-8th grades, the core subjects integrate STEM, students have a semester-long STEM elective, and students have an opportunity to choose four quarter-long STEM enrichment classes. As part of our philosophy, Timberline students learn the engineer’s design thinking process: empathy, define, ideate, prototype and feedback. The process enhances students’ learning in critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and character.

As part of project-based learning, they use the process to create and design new products or experiences. They learn to make discoveries and ask questions in search of new understandings. Students become problem-solvers while thinking of others to make improvements to our world.

Timberline PK-8