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Day of the Dead Dance (6-8) and Movie night (K-5)

The dance is put on by Timberline 8th grade Student Council TOMORROW Friday 11/4 from 3:30-5:00 in the gym. Tickets are $2.50 and will be sold 11/1-11/4 at lunch, parent permission is required to buy a ticket. What to wear? 8th grade black and purple; 7th grade yellow and orange; 6th grade pink and white. 

For K-5, Student Council is hosting a movie night TOMORROW NIGHT. They are showing CoCo, tickets are $2.00 and will be sold 11/1 to 11/4 at the end of the day. Tickets are limited to 120 students. Included in the price of a ticket is popcorn and juice. Both are fundraisers for Student Council projects. 

Timberline PK-8