Timberline PK-8 Achieves Green Star School Status in Partnership with EcoCycle

Student Council presenting with Ecocycle for 6th grade yesterday.

At Timberline PK-8, both students and staff share a common commitment to making a positive impact on their environment. This school year, they have taken the initiative to become a Green Star School, with the goal of preparing students to lead the world toward a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. 

Last spring, students, in collaboration with EcoCycle, decided to assess the landfill-bound waste for potential recycling or composting opportunities. Students discovered that over 50% of the waste could be diverted away from the landfill and wanted to take action steps to achieve this with the support of the school community.

The transition to becoming a green school has already begun to reshape the way students perceive their environment. Everyone at Timberline – students and staff – participated in EcoCycle presentations, which explained the Green Star initiative and how everyone can play a part in bettering their environment. “The EcoCycle partnership was a very important moment for us,” shared Amy Erdman, STEM Coordinator/Instructional Coach at Timberline PK-8. “It showed our students the impact that individuals could have on reducing waste and also inspired a sense of responsibility towards the environment.”

Representatives from EcoCycle have joined students during several of their lunch periods to guide them in recycling, composting, and landfill practices. Timberline is recycling and composting in both of their cafeterias, which gives students a better understanding where their trash goes, and students are also more mindful about sorting their waste during lunch. 

“The transition to a Green Star School has been a collective effort,” shared Erdman. “Our students, parents, and staff have all embraced the change with enthusiasm. It’s great to see everyone working together towards a common goal of sustainability.”

Staff at Timberline have also taken the initiative to reduce the amount of flyers that are being sent home to families. Parents are  encouraged to sign up to receive communications through the Infinite Campus (IC) system, as well as SeeSaw so they can receive all information electronically, which will help reduce the amount of paper being consumed and sent home. 

“Looking forward, we’re excited about the potential for further growth in our green initiatives,” shared Erdman. “We continue to explore innovative ways to integrate sustainability into our curriculum and find new opportunities for students to take the lead in shaping a greener future for Timberline.”

Timberline PK-8