The Impact of Storytelling at Timberline PK-8

Timberline PK8 student listens during storytelling time

The St. Vrain Storytellers group engages students within St. Vrain Valley Schools through the power of oral storytelling. With a team of 37 volunteers, they bring stories to life in 133 classrooms across 19 schools, serving students from preschool through fifth grade, including Timberline PK-8.

“We aspire to enhance literacy and build intergenerational communities through storytelling,” shares Laura Meyers, President of St. Vrain Storytellers. “Our storytellers share diverse narratives that ignite students’ imaginations and foster empathy.” Through carefully curated stories, St. Vrain Storytellers cultivate a love for literature and language, sparking the imaginations of young minds.

St. Vrain Storyteller visits second grade class at Timberline PK-8

During monthly visits lasting typically between 20 and 30 minutes, storytellers create opportunities for connection and learning. The integration of storytelling into students’ educational experiences offers benefits such as enhanced comprehension and improved communication skills. Additionally, storytelling hones technical skills like visualization, cognitive engagement, critical thinking, and story sequencing.

“At Timberline PK-8, storytelling visits have become a cornerstone of creative expression and communication,” explains Audrey Seybold, Principal at Timberline. “Our students are exposed to diverse narratives that promote empathy and cultural understanding. It’s inspiring to see how storytelling fosters both academic and social-emotional growth among our students.”

Meyers emphasizes that oral storytelling fosters a love of stories by students and generates excitement as they anticipate the storytellers’ arrival. Second-grader Fernanda Rascon agrees, “I look forward to when the storytellers come to our class because they tell us stories about places like the Amazon Rainforest, and I learn a lot of new things.”

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